Hi! I’m KO.

I was drawn to tallow balm when I started exploring the benefits of non-toxic living. After swapping out toxic products one at a time, I researched tallow balms already on the market and found them either too expensive or containing ingredients I didn’t want to use on myself or my family. So, I decided to make it myself, and after sharing it with friends and family, I realized I could sell it as a little side gig. I’ve used it for eczema, diaper rash, dry skin, bumpy skin, acne, lip balm, and even as a soothing balm on cuts, burns, and scrapes.

My family moved to the Sioux Falls area in late 2021. When I’m not busy in the kitchen whipping up my latest creations, I spend time with my husband and four children, homeschooling the oldest and tending to my backyard garden. Our family’s dream is to have a homestead with small animals in the near future where we can continue to pursue our passion for all-natural living.